Here there is information about mental disorders. Have you ever asked yourself, "What is a mental disorder? What does it mean to suffer from a mental illness? How can one know if one is sick? What is an anxiety disorder?

On our website we will try to give you enough and simple information so that you can seek for help if needed, or for your friends and/or family by knowing the symptoms before the disorder(s) become worse.. Mental illnesses arise slow and can be permanent so it is important to seek for help if detecting some strange behaviour in you or your relatives and friends.

The number of people in the world suffering from severe mental illnesses are less than 5% but for mider symtpoms like depression and anxiety the number can go all the way up to 40%. So most likely you dont have a severe illness, but fall in the category of people who suffer from mild anxiety and depression disorders. Reading about it can help and even seeking for a doctor can increase chances of you recovering and having less of those periodes with anxiety and, or, depression..